1TAF Boring heads for finishing

  • Range D70 – D1020
  • Single cutting finishing boring head with aluminium frame
  • Mounting to standard face milling arbor
  • Large adjustment range, separate tool holder with adjustment element
  • Version with VNL elements is better suited for bottoming holes
  • Version with AF50 element works best for through holes
ModelRangeLdDToolholder (VNL)Toolholder (AF50)
1TAF 07070-10010027481 LVA.070-
1TAF 100100-15010032581 LVA.100F9.50
1TAF 150150-24010040701 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 230230-33010040881 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 310310-42010040881 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 410410-52010040881 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 510510-6209040881 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 610610-7209040881 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 710710-82090601281 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 810810-92090601281 LVA.230F13.50
1TAF 910910-102090601281 LVA.230F13.50

Tool holders for 1TAF Finishing boring heads

ModelLL1L2bAdjustment element
F 09.5095653425AF50.9..
F 13.50136657525AF50.9..
1 LVA.07057--25VNL 123.90.TC11
1 LVA.10093--25VNL 123.90.TC11
1 LVA.230131--25VNL 123.90.TC11

AF50 Adjustment elements for finishing boring heads

• Adjustment accuracy 0.004mm in diameter

ModelD min.DrAsInsertIncert screwScrew

Adjustment element for VNL

ModelDr min.ASScrewInsertInsert screw
VNL 123.90TC113,590R090008TCMT1102..J901030

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